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A note from the editor

“First and foremost, as Editor-in-Chief, I do my best to help edit, contribute and oversee day-to-day operations with the group. With experience in journalism and as a published author, I believe in delivering great content free from poor communication or bias. It’s not easy, but we do our best. And, as a team, we have worked very hard to get to this point for our group. It has been a slow process, but rest assured, we will do our best to bring you great and informative reads that are also entertaining, for you, the reader.” -Adeymius

The Whistling Chronicle Newspaper is a division of the mass media organization RWTC Media Group that is dedicated to providing engaging and informative content to its audiences. With a focus on entertaining, informing, and educating people, RWTC Media Group strives to create content that captures the imagination and engages the mind through the variety of platforms it utilizes for distribution such as digital radio broadcast with music licensing, newspaper website and print and a lifestyle magazine in both digital and print version.

One of the main goals of The Whistling Chronicle Newspaper is to provide high-quality content that is both engaging and informative. The organization achieves this through a variety of collaborative efforts through networking and the use of other contacts, sources, data collection, and research creatively putting together content to meet the diverse needs of its viewers and is driven by a passion for storytelling.

Another important aspect of RWTC Media Group’s mission is providing a platform for diverse voices to be heard and perspectives to see through informative reads and entertaining articles, videos, and other media. The organization recognizes the importance of representing a wide range of viewpoints and experiences and works hard to ensure that its content reflects this commitment. By leveraging its expertise in media and storytelling, RWTC Media Group engages with its target audiences in new and exciting ways.

Overall, RWTC Media Group is a dynamic and innovative media organization that is dedicated to entertaining, informing, and educating people. Whether you’re looking for engaging content to consume, RWTC Media Group has the experience and expertise to deliver enjoyable and interesting ways of engagement with you the audience.

Our mission is quite simple

MISSION – To inform, educate and entertain.

We are a mass media group that officially started in 2019 and had a newspaper already in print under a different leadership. Our goal is simple, and that’s to inform, educate, and entertain about what’s happening in the world with people, places, food and easy news. It takes great patience, research, and work.


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1.Why did the layout change so much or the content? That’s simple, we’re new and we were just trying to get the look and feel just right. We wanted the website to have simple usability. But rest assured the layout will stay as is.

2. Do you distribute magazines or newspapers every month and if so how many and where? No, we do not print or distribute every month because it is very expensive. Sponsorships or ads help with print and distribution. Newspapers are different approach to everything.

3. How many people are involved? There are quite a few actually and not just one person, most are silent in the background watching.

4. Why is your social media so unpopular? We are not social media based, plus, the Editor-in-Chief and some of the others are super old school and they prefer it that way. What social media does by connecting people, we do as well through our website, magazine, newspaper, and radio.

6. I see online radio, or is it a podcast? It’s live radio, we have music licensing in place to broadcast music. We don’t just play music but we do announcements as well, along with other stuff that makes it more interesting to listen to. People listen to us from the UK, Canada and across the USA for free. The beauty of doing live broadcasting is that we can also talk on air about pretty much anything.

7. Do we have to pay for a subscription or what? No , no subscriptions to pay for, at least not yet.

8. What kind of professional experience do you have to do what you do? Our Editor-in-Chief has training in investigative journalism, writing stories and interviews and asking tough questions, along with having worked for a small newspaper. His degree is in communications and journalism and is also a published author. He’s currently pursuing a Ph.D., in communications and journalism as well. Our other members include experience in PR, Legal, Accounting, and Business Ethics. We have also had our website and lifestyle magazine cataloged into the LOC, each with its unique ISSNs.

9. Do you really do investigative journalism and question people or businesses about what they’re doing? We don’t always investigate an issue based on a tip, it doesn’t work that way, that’s more for television and big news if anything, plus, there’s so much more to it. However, when writing an article, we do our best to research the business, organization or person in question. In the past, we have interviewed people from all walks of life and status quo, everything from CEO’s, Vice Presidents, Managers, the Famous and more.

10. I saw there is a newspaper too, why are you trying to do so much, Can’t you just do a magazine only? No, We are a mass media group, it’s what we do. We haven’t quite figured out how to get into television just yet, but we will.

11. There are many people out there with a magazine and with a large social media following, what makes you so different? One is that you’re asking that question, and whether or not your intentions are noble, you are showing interest so thank you. We offer a wide range of media types and not just a magazine, plus, we do have credentialing, experience, training, and education for what we do.

12. Are you a marketing firm? No, we are not, we are a mass media organization that focuses on content designed to entertain, educate and inform by way of radio with music licensing, print magazines, print newspapers, and other digital formats.

13. What’s the difference in social media and what you do, isn’t it the same? No, the public is our audience, and in social media, the audience are the creators and the public. The way it works, is many people can share what’s called “user-generated content” on shared websites. Mass Media refers to broadcasting whether it’s in radio or television, and print to reach large audiences about current events and more. Plus, social media is limited to the internet, whereas mass media covers all.

Quick Note

*RWTC Media Group, The Whistling Chronicle Newspaper, RWTC Lifestyle Magazine domain names, website, periodicals i.e., magazines, newspaper, and or all registrations, including but not limited to, radio broadcasting, music licensing, printing and publishing, are family owned and operated by numerous family members and friends and editorial content managed by the Editor-in-Chief Adeymius.