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Tattoo Artist Tiara Gordon


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She likes to fish and loves to live life in the most outgoing way that suits her personality, we’re talking about a tattooist who has a tight grasp in this industry of tattooing. Her name is Tiara Gordon, she was in the tv series Ink Master Season 11 but aside from that, she is a someone with a great personality, super nice, and just downright awesome.

Editor – How did you get into tattooing? And when did you first officially start?
Tiara – I was always interested in tattoos. I started getting them when I was way too young. I was only 15. But then I started drawing them for people and they would go get them done and I decided to look into finding an apprenticeship and seeing if I could tattoo. I always loved art and I thought the biggest compliment would be someone wanting a piece I drew on them permanently. I ended up getting an apprenticeship when I was 17.

Editor – Before you do a tattoo on someone, is there a ritual or something you do or eat first before doing so? We’ve come across some things people do and wondering if you have the same.
Tiara – I don’t know if it’s a ritual but I always show up early. My dad always told me if you’re late you’re late and if you’re on time your late so be there early.  I usually start my day off with a little DMX and Marvin Gaye

Editor – What’s your favorite machine to use when doing line work?
Tiara – I do a lot of line work and have gone through a lot of machines trying to find a good rotary that does the job. I found so far; the best is the Cheyenne hawk thunder. But I just purchased a machine made by Dan Kubin the DMC and I have only heard amazing things about it so I can’t wait to try it.

Editor – Regarding tattooing in general, what would you say was the most complicated for you in starting and how is it now? 
Tiara – When I started tattooing the most difficult thing was being looked at as a tattoo artist and not a receptionist. The town I worked in only had one other female tattoo artist. Now there are so many and everyone has different styles.

Editor – Would you consider yourself a well-rounded artist and how so?
Tiara – I would love all different types of tattoos and styles. Some more than others. I try to be picky with what I do and always recommend clients to other artists if I think they would be a better fit for the style. I always try to get better with everything I do.

Editor – How has tattooing changed your life? And were your family and friends very supportive?
Tiara – That’s funny. No, I think my family thought I was going through a phase. But I’ve always been a little weird and I like to think all artists are a little different. My family is pretty old school so the fact I am not in a corporate job and am single with no businessman to take care of me is probably a disappointment. But personally, It’s been great, I got the opportunity to be on Ink master season 11 and now I’m at a tattoo shop with some great guys who are so supportive I couldn’t be happier.

Editor – With downtime in most tattoo shops, in your free time, what do you do?

Tiara – Well recently I’ve been working 7 days a week I’m trying to buy a motorcycle soon. But I like to go fishing and I collect bugs.

Editor – Some people have asked these questions and I think we all know this answer…are you a gamer girl?

Tiara – Yes, I’m kind of nuts with video games. My apartment looks like it’s out of grandmas boy the movie. But I’ve always played video games.  I started with burger time and double dragon and now, I am mostly just first-person shooters. Some people party at clubs.

Editor – We noticed you have a bulldog, how old is he/she? And is that the only pet you have?
Tiara – Yes, I am a single mom of Beatrice Marie my 6-year-old English bulldog. I would have a rhino but they are illegal.

Editor – Are you a vegan?
Tiara – Hell no I like grilled cheese and chicken wings.

Editor – If you could do any type of tattoo on someone, what would it be and on whom?
Tiara – It would be my face on Arnold Schwarzenegger so when I get him, we’d be forced to be best f******* friends.

Editor – Where are you from originally? And will the goonies ever make a comeback?
Tiara – I’m originally from north Tonawanda which no one knows where that is but it’s by Buffalo NY.  I don’t know if the goonies will, but I hope they make a second Water World.

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