Friday, September 29, 2023



Hi, my name Ana and I'm the social media person, and I really don't like to be on camera so much, which is why I do social media for the group. My hobbies include music, checking the latest trends on YouTube, hanging out with my lazy cat, spending time with my family and going for scenic drives.

Scare Pranks

In these short videos, people try to prank and or scare a few Latin moms. One person tries to scare people with a particular...

Bananas On The Boat And Other Silly Superstitions

Back in the day, seafaring lads were no stranger to the sight of a dead albatross on a ship. Which oftentimes meant horrific bad...

Black Cats And Mythology

    During the times of the Egyptians, cats were known to bring good luck and they were treated like royalty. They were dressed in...

The Everlasting Selfie

Okay, so we tried the whole gallery thing with people sending us photos and what not and of course, it didn't work out so...

Why Do We Have Toes

Let's think about this sentence for a minute yeah. I don't believe we even stop for a moment and wonder about our feet, toes,...

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