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Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat?


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Ugh, must I work out? Can’t I just take a liquid, a pill, or something? Well, you can but muscle tone would be really wise to look into if you’re trying to get that beach bod look or simply to have some definition. Muscle Atrophy is not fun and it’s very unhealthy.

But so is overworking your body and exhaustion, so where’s the balance? To play it safe, start light and slow on an exercise regimen and if you have a membership at a gym, take advantage of the options they have. Working with a trainer is awesome if you are not familiar with the equipment and or what to do, and don’t be embarrassed, these trainers are well educated on the equipment, meal plans, and more.

Ok so on with the information:

  1. Cycling – a great way to lose belly fat, tones the legs and helps ease constipation…(seriously does). You can burn over 200 calories in 20-30 mins., taking a scenic ride. Don’t wanna go outside? No problem, buy a trainer. It’s an indoor device you mount your bicycle on and it makes your bicycle stationary, to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.
  2. The bicycle crunch – lay down on your back, hands behind your head, lift your head and shoulders up off the ground and bring one elbow to the opposite knee with that knee raised up touching it to the elbow repeat the same steps for the other knee and elbow and just keep doing it over and over for a few repetitions or what ever suits you best.
  3. Butterfly Kicks – Tones up your core dramatically and burns belly fat as well, say hello to a slim waist line…but ya gotta do it otherwise, it doesn’t
  4. An Elliptical – This machine is widely used in gyms and really cool too, no need to explain, but it is a little tricky if it’s your first time.
  5. Walking or Running – Ok here is where we really have to explain something. Many people state that they “walk miles every day,” that’s great but once your body reaches a plateau…like a flatline and no curve, it’s not really helping you to lose the weight you want to fast enough. You have to challenge your body and keep doing so. The easiest way to tell how and when to know to challenge your body is simple….when it gets easy and you have no problem doing it that’s when. Can’t explain it any simpler.

Try to avoid carbs, sodas, sugars, and foods that are heavy and loaded with grease because this will affect you. You’ll be playing tug-o-war with yourself and it will just be exhausting. So here’s to you, good luck and play it safe, and stay hydrated.

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