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Comanche Lookout Hill


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Take a journey into the history of the Tower that stands tall in San Antonio Texas, a hill known as Comanche Lookout Hill. Many stories surround the hill, the tower, and who built it and why. But what we know, is that known paranormal activity has been said to take place here. People have claims saying there have been sounds of drums and figures being seen as well as lights atop the tower at night. We took a stroll through this area of wonder and indeed wonder….who built it and why? And why just one tower?

Before the build, the hill served as a way for the Comanche Indians to ambush unsuspecting travelers to rob and kill…which included women and children. Later, the hill was used as a way to protect against the Comanche and soon after passed through a few hands of ownership.

The tower was constructed by a man named Retired Army Veteran Col. Edward R. Coppock who served 40 yrs in the military and who purchased the land from a German immigrant farmer named Gustav Reeh who had the property in the late 1800s. Col. Coppock served in the Spanish American War and WWI. Coppock’s love for Europe and the castles might have been the inspiration for his design which included a windmill, a barn, a stone Indian, and the stone tower, which was completed in 1928. Other sources state other elements were added to the medieval-like compound but its entirety was never completed.

Information regarding the Stone Indian heads was found to be at the Comanche Hill and had been taken. One such stone head was later found to be at the home of one of the daughters of Col. Coppock.

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