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Donkey Lady Bridge


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In San Antonio, Texas, there’s a story about a place where an apparition is said to have been seen and strange things happen, when you ask. It’s about a woman who was disfigured in a fire that sadly, not only destroyed her home but took the lives of her children and husband. The tragedy took place somewhere between 1800 and the 1900s. This place became known as “Donkey Lady Bridge.” Some say the fire was set by the husband, and others state that it was done by people seeking revenge, no one knows for sure but there are many stories.

Out of the many variations to the story, they all have one thing in common, the children’s mother was severely burned, leaving her greatly disfigured from the face and hands. The disfigurement (according to some locals) made her resemble a donkey with a long face and hooves for hands because each of her hands had been fused, resembling that of a hoof. Legends state that she was burned so badly that her hands just fell off because of the fire and was left with “nubs,” and was forced to live out her life in such horrible disfigurement.

Many stories claim she had a donkey that she loved dearly and was later killed and had been thrown into the river below a bridge, and out of anger, she sought out revenge on the people who did the act. Unfortunately, it resulted in the victims retaliating back and burning her and her family in the house fire. According to legend, she was the only survivor and had lived out her life in solitude and pain underneath the bridge frightening people away.

Donkey Lady Bridge, Applewhite Rd, San Antonio, TX 78264

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