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Ever The Gentleman


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Within the times now, we see more people coming into this world, being born as it were. The population of the human species is growing very rapidly. And the need for more in a person’s environment is ever-changing with technology in how we view life.

So when it comes to anything in general how do we change fashion to what’s hip and bold. Opinions were once often looked past and disregarded, but not today. In today’s society, opinions matter more than anything…even at times, more than facts. So aside from beliefs and such, let’s dive into fashion for a bit here.

I have a story, a bit of old meets the hey how you doing. We ventured out to a clothing store and met this guy named “Steve.” We’ll call him Steve for now. Found some great shirts, and shoes but I was looking for vintage style 1920s wool pants with buttons for suspenders. Pants like the ones described would have to be custom-made. Because after all, that’s not a huge item for people to purchase. I was informed by “Steve,” after expressing my concerns for what I wanted, that they can custom make almost anything…I mean it’s what they’re known for.

We talked with “Steve” for a bit about clothing, life, and past adventures. Now let me remind you again, my attire looked bad in comparison to where we were. “Steve” was a very interesting man. He spoke with passion about his memories and his encounters with people and working with magazines and traveling. We learned a great deal about him in such a short while and his love for life and friends. It’s very interesting to hear people’s stories. Listening to people talk about their past who are much older teaches you a great deal. And not just about their life you learn about.

“Steve” managed to squeeze relational information to the clothing and more, a barrage of knowledge of custom work and life. We talked about the old days and how fashion has changed so much. In the old days, “Steve” stated that men wore suits for every occasion, even at work. If no jacket, then it would be a long-sleeve button-down shirt with ties, slacks, hat, and dress shoes. Most often the “gentlemen,” would remove their coat inside their working environment.

We have changed so much from those days, but style and fashion will always be around. The newer generations have adopted these styles of old with a twist. Slacks are slimmer and the coats are snug, sporting the wide collar of the coat. Lighter materials and easy breathability for comfort. “Well don’t you look just dapper!

I consider myself old school and love wearing suspenders. Everyone dresses differently and how they hope to look through the eyes of others. And all that should matter, is if you love the way you look.

And for the old school and classic men, don’t lose that notion of being or becoming “Ever the gentlemen.”


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