Friday, September 29, 2023

I Met This Guy


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I was recently sitting at this lavish mini table with this high-rise chair at a coffee shop, I know so cliché. And no I wasn’t wearing a fedora or anything like that. I was wearing a cool 80s rock band tee, some sweat pants, and some Adidas, drinking my mocha latte, lightly foamed, caramel drizzled, seal salt mixed, venti coffee. Just kidding, I was drinking a Chai Tea Latte, hot…so delish.

I was minding my own business reading the New York Times…wait for it…Newspaper. That’s right, it was a printout, paper, a newspaper, and from New York. I took the effort to subscribe some time back to it and it was the best decision I made with regards to this sort of thing. I say put your phone down for a bit and off of social media and slow down and just relax old school style, you’d be surprised to find out a bunch of stuff about yourself.

Anyhow, as I was sitting there relaxing, this guy dared to come up to me and say hi. Like umm hello, did I call you or something, is there a sign that says come and bother me because I need your attention, “no way dude, get lost.” What? So I’m a bad person now for saying this? Whatever. It was kind of nice, I don’t have a boyfriend and no it’s not because of my attitude or pushing people away, well sort of. But that’s not the point, I was enjoying my moments. I love my alone time, it helps me to gather my thoughts and just centers me.

So, I got up and asked if I could sit with him at his table and I apologized for the stern look to him and he said, “yes, of course, please, I didn’t think you took notice.” Like whatever dude, don’t flatter yourself, of course, I didn’t say that…I thought it through. The conversation was good and it just seemed to flow nicely, I had a great time, not going to lie but I never laughed so much. You know usually, I don’t do a first date type of deal with coffee, that’s just bad, I think you’ll end up spending more time in the loo. He had to leave suddenly, and he gave me his number to call him, I said bye to him and he looked at me through the glass, smiled, and waved. Never would I have guessed that would’ve been the last time I would ever see him again.

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