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It’s a Magical World


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It’s a place where magic comes to life in the form of all you can ever imagine. A place where the smiles of children stretch for days and a place where adults become kids again, it’s a land of enchantment and a place of dreams. It’s a place of great food from all over the world and other little hidden treasures. Its resorts and parks, its friendly staff, superb little shops, and memorable little Knick knacks galore. It’s Walt Disney World.

Magic Wristbands

Many people have questions when it comes to Disney World and where to begin. First things first, make sure to have your magic bands handy. You can usually get these from the resort you’ll be staying at on Disney property. These wristbands also act as a key to your rooms where you’ll be staying, but only for those resorts in Disney World, anything outside the property such as other motels or hotels you get a card to use. These bands also provide access to the parks and for an extra fee, you can have what’s called the lighting lane. The lighting lane allows you to move ahead through lines to the very beginning, a pretty cool feature for those wanting to get to the ride quicker. With the magic bands, you can also charge everything you eat, drink, and just whatever you buy all charged to your room, but be careful because it does add up fast and you will have to pay it before you check out. Aside from the magic bands, the resorts and their rooms are gorgeous, of course, there are many to choose from but you might have to reserve it months in advance or a year for some.

Does The Company You’re With Matter

Company is also very important when it comes to enjoying memorable moments, and being at Disney should never be a task or a scheduled rush to do anything there, take your time and enjoy it, otherwise, it becomes similar to going to a grocery store, something you need to do out of necessity and it loses its magic. Having the right mentality and people around you can make a huge difference.

Snacks, Drinks, Merchandise, And Traveling

Another key factor to remember is that you will be doing a great deal of traveling back and forth and around the parks, so make sure to have plenty of hydration and snacks with you at all times. Again, you can charge everything to your room but be mindful because it is expensive at Disney and those prices do add up on your room bill, it just doesn’t magically allow you to have things and the costs of it go away. Disney may be magical, but the prices won’t magically disappear. Charging items to your room is like balancing a checkbook, stay on top of it.

Is It Super Crowded

It’s Disney, of course, it’s going to be packed but there is plenty of wiggle room, during the evenings and around events, you’ll find that it does become quite crowded, shoulder to shoulder in many spots but the moments are priceless. If you’re more of an introvert with extroverts or claustrophobic, then you might want to reconsider those crowded events in the evening. Otherwise use your best judgement and just have a good time.


Almost every place you go to has rules and policies in place for structure, order, and protection for you and the staff and continued success. Disney has very strict rules in place for what you can and cannot do in the park, on rides, and with the characters at Disney in costume. If you are unsure of anything ask for guest services, look online or you can even ask an officer at Disney because they are everywhere.

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