Friday, September 29, 2023

Fire Breaks Loose In Lahaina Maui Causing Loss Of Life And Destruction To More Than 2,000 Acres


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On August 8th, 2023, a series of small fires broke out in Lahaina Maui and according to Hawaiian Electric Company, broken power lines had been the cause. With strong winds and dry air adding to the mix, the fires spread quickly causing devastation to property and loss of lives. The wildfire ravaged much of the land occupied by businesses and residential areas, consuming over 2,000 acres with structures destroyed by more than 80% in the fire. Many people of Lahaina tried to evacuate in their vehicles but some were caught in the crosshairs of the massive fires and fled on foot like many others leaving their homes to seek safety in the water. People now wanted to know, what happened, and accountability soon became the focal point. Local officials were scrutinized for not handling the crisis communication efforts more effectively.

Questions began to arise after the devastation as to why the sirens didn’t alarm the people, where was the aid, and emergency management, and how did this happen so quickly with no warning of any kind.

President Biden issued a statement acknowledging the disbursement of seven hundred dollars for each household of Lahaina to help with aid, while to some, it posed a great financial gain, but others were hesitant about the support and questioned why more effort and aid was going to other places instead of Lahaina.

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