Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday, May 19, 2024

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Last Kiss

Last Updated on May 30, 2023 by Adeymius

My friend and I are the best buds ever, I believe more than most. We grew up together and we talk about everything. Lately, he’s been talking with this gal that I’ve known longer than he has and he knows that I like this girl. He wanted to double date and I wasn’t really up for it, kind of awkward. So finally went out on this double date and my date was her co-worker, way too talkative and about herself and I couldn’t get a word in, I got bored so fast and irritated. I went to the restroom to just literally hang out and get some headspace for myself, I was drained and I wanted nothing more than to go and sweep up the girl I was in love with and fly off into the night sky under the stars.

Who am I kidding, I have nothing to offer her, she’s gorgeous and has these cute dimples and drives a kickass ride too. I have a Honda with the emblem missing and it squeaks and backfires. My friend has this sleek black BMW, tint and with a great sound system, oh yeah it has an air ride suspension and sporty rims and tires to go with it. Yeah, mommy and daddy bought it for him when he got his license, and ever since then, he’s been fixing it up. My parents gave me a bucket with cleaning supplies for the car that was given to me…with no engine and the only key I had was for the trunk. So yeah, all of my hard-earned money went to fixing this jalopy. My dad said, “it builds character to learn to fix it yourself, you appreciate it more.” Oh ok dad, thanks I guess.

My friend and his date left me with missy talky-talk. She told me she could give me a ride home if that’s what I wanted. And that I was more than welcome to go with her to her place. Great, now I have to deal with it in her environment, no thank you, hard pass. So I asked where were they going, and she said “to his place I think, I told them I could take you home since I have my car.” Noooooo. No no no, I mean what were they going to do and how could he do this to me, my friend, my best friend, I like this girl and I think I love her. Oh man, that’s what I get for waiting so long to make a move. I love my friend but he is kind of a womanizer, to be honest. The last gal he cheated on her with her sister, classy, ever the gentleman. I went outside and she happened to be right there waiting for my friend to bring the car up, it was raining outside. She looked at me and said, “I had a nice time with you,” and she gave me a gentle slow kiss on my lips. I was shocked, she looked at me and said, “I’ll see you Monday ok, I have to talk with you about something, something about you and me ok?” Then my friend pulled up, she got in the car and left.

The following Monday was a drag, I hadn’t spoken to my friend or seen him at work and neither was his date, my love, my cara mia. Her friend came up to me and asked if I had heard from them and I said no why? She said she hasn’t been home and doesn’t answer her phone. So I called my friend’s phone and no answer. After work, I went to his house but his car wasn’t there. Ok now I’m a little worried was he ok, is she ok?

It’s been 6 mths now and no one has seen either of them or the car he was driving. I sunk into a depression and ended up moving back in with my folks at their house. I couldn’t take it anymore and be worried the worst had happened. But how can they not find his car? Where did they go?

3 years have passed and I was cutting the grass when the police arrived and needed to talk. My friend’s parents had moved to another city so the authorities came to me first because I was the only one available at the time. Turns out, a mining company was draining a ravine and they came across two vehicles, one was a black rusted car smashed in the back pretty badly, and the other a white and blue 70s pickup truck. Three people were found with the vehicles.

The last kiss is all I remember, her face, the sound of rain, and how she looked at me. I found the woman I love, the one I wanted to be with and now she’s gone and I have lost my best friend as well.

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