Thursday, September 28, 2023

Mini Mobbin And No Its Not Something To Do In The Mall


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In society, some select few set out to follow their passions and dreams against all odds, and some aren’t so fortunate. Whatever the reasons, these select few are often hell-bent on seeing those dreams come to reality. And those realities make our heads turn and our jaws drop. Their unique lifestyles often present themselves in creative works of art and the drive and passion for it, is second to none. There is an organization out of California called Mini Mobbin. It’s what some would call a car club, others, a social gathering, and it’s often mistaken for something different.

Mini Mobbin’, which is known by the founders to be a social club is composed of mostly minitrucks that are exquisite. It’s a club where diversity and inclusiveness are of the utmost importance. But to be a part of this social club, there are a series of initiations one has to go through, just kidding, it’s an easy process. Mini Mobbin’ social club is meant to bring together good people who want to make a difference, families, and the love and passion highlighting the hard work that goes into this art form. It’s a club of unique gatherings, it doesn’t matter how much money was spent on your ride, what gender, what race, or the color of your skin, none of it matters, its a bond of common interests, the love and respect for one another, appreciating all the little differences and most importantly to be supportive for each other.

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