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Nfinately Cool And Interesting


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On November 20th, 2021, an event took place that rocked the soles of everyone’s feet and rolled their tires. We’re talking about only the coolest shindig to happen since chocolate milk. An event of epic proportions that offered tasty snacks, cool threads, awesome people, and let’s not forget custom rides. This was no ordinary event, the stars were aligned just right and the gods spoke, it was as the saying goes, “it’s going down.”

The event was hosted by a group known as Nfinite Nights, Royal Media, and Skates on Deck skateboard shop & apparel and took place in the parking lot at Alamo Ranch Parkway in San Antonio Tx., the location for Skates on Deck. The event lasted for a few hours, it started from 6 pm to 8 pm. Along with this event, a live DJ played endless tunes to keep the rhythm going, and a food vendor made fantastic eats to settle anyone’s tastebuds. As you stroll along the pavement, you didn’t need to worry about your phone for any reason, unless it was to post or take a photo. There were so many beautiful rides that even Thanos himself would wonder if they were designed by the Infinity Stones.

The event was small but had a fantastic turnout and the hosts were able to gather plenty of food for the SA Food Bank, which they succeeded in doing. People of all types were showing up with an array of custom vehicles and, as the night moved on, so did the vibes of pure positive energy.

Every vehicle was eye-catching and unique in its way, but one did stand out. A man named Anthony drove in with a minitruck that was still a work in progress. For the bed of the truck, he had a Hoppo hydraulic kit, 3 pumps 3 dumps, and one battery with a z-rack, that allowed the bed of the truck to move in certain directions and not just up and down. A display of semi-aerial acrobatics to say the least and it was eye-catching.

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