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Pier 99 Serves Up Great Food


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There was hunger in the air for a dash of seafood delight and so tasty you forget time exists. With a drive and a few turns, there it stood, the Mecca, it was Pier 99 in Corpus Christi, Tx., a place known for its sensational seafood and customer service.

Service with a smile

A nice cold beer, some choice seats, and a sweet taste of salt was in the air with great music by a local singing her heart out. We took to our seats and it wasn’t long before a waiter by the name of “Felix,” came by with a huge smile and had asked if we were ready to order, his approach was pleasant, calm, and respectful. He made a few suggestions for the half-off appetizers and happy hour and we made our selections and took some time to take in the scenery. The atmosphere was great, fun, calming, yet friendly all at the same time. The furniture we sat on was unique, they seemed to be made of both wood and PVC together, sounds strange but it’s something you have to see for yourself.

Water and ships

PIER 99 turned out to be a great place to stop and spend some time for lunch, With water around the establishment it made for a nice scenic joint. It’s a place to relax, with beaches close by and the USS Lexington ship right across the way, which made it that more interesting. After speaking with management, we managed to leave a dollar bill on a model ship in the restaurant for others to see, that we too, ate there.

Overall the price is great, the food is just right, the atmosphere is relaxing and plenty of friendly smiles that look to be very genuine. So if you love seafood and kickback type of atmosphere with music and more, then pier 99 is the place to be.

Location and Ph.

PIER 99, 2822 N Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78402, Ph. (361) 887-0764

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