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Puerto Koki SA, what is it and why you should do more than just stop by


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At times, we find information about a place to eat at by word of mouth, so we looked into it. Sometimes, the place is either great or it was ok. But in San Antonio, Texas there’s a place small enough to move around and packed with flavorful meals to satisfy your appetite. That is of course if you’re looking for a change.

It’s an evening to remember, such as a date night or maybe some time with the family. Throw in some dim lighting, relaxation, talk, and laughter and it becomes a time to forget everything else.

Located on 11395 Shaenfield Road is this food truck type establishment, it’s small but contains a variety of Puerto Rican food that is absolutely satisfying. Along with a great color scheme, a relaxed type of environment, friendly smiles, and good food.

We simply cannot forget “Miguel,” who was actually referred to us by another Miguel who happens to be a friend of ours, so we say to you, don’t let a good night go by without a taste of good food, great people, and a chill environment. Puerto Koki Sa is more than ok, it’s a moment to remember.

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