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San Francisco Ca. A Wondrous Delight


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A city that was founded in 1776 and about 46 square miles located in California, and very much covered with terrain that will definitely give you a workout with it’s hills and streets. It’s not just all workout though, rather a place with deep history and a diverse culture that is definitely at every turn.

It was a journey that took place in early 2019, a voyage of sorts to see the world, well at least from Texas to San Francisco, Ca. Traveling through Texas was a very long drive, and as we began to see our state line end and another begin, we knew it was on. Passing from one state to another was a memorable one, seeing new sights and how the environments looked were very interesting. While accommodation’s for sleeping at some motel’s were lacking in many things, we manage to do the best we could to get some rest.

After a few days we arrived in San Francisco, we drove around for a bit just to see what we could and proceeded to find a place to stay, didn’t have much luck. Tired as we were, we found a spot over by the Fisherman’s Wharf, literally across the street and with secure parking in the place. Our stay in San Francisco, Ca., was about 1 week and we didn’t have to move our vehicle once, we paid for that parking for the week and it was well worth it.

To get around, we relied on cable cars, and other methods of transportation around San Francisco including walking and it was a good thing, gas was over $4 a gallon. In using transportation, we opted for a cable car most of the time and during one of our rides, one of the operators took a video of us, allowing our social media person Ana, to pull on the cord for the bell. We took to the sites such as Alcatraz and walked around Fisherman’s Wharf, ate a little food and walked some more. There are so many things to see, smell, and hear, it’s almost overload if someone isn’t used to it. And despite having a hoodie and a coat, it was very cold, especially on Alcatraz.

We captured a great deal of photos and spoke with many people and even tried food from so many places. Maybe it was just the overall experience of a new place, maybe it’s that it was by the water, one things for sure, we fell in love with San Francisco, Ca., because it is a wondrous delight and with so much to see and do, we didn’t even come close to half of it. However, we still enjoyed our stay and travels around the city, would we move there, yes we would, it’s beautiful and with so much to do, so don’t take our word for it, go experience it for yourself.

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