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School Shootout In Santa Clarita California’s Saugus High School


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November 14th 2019, Thurs. at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita California, a shootout occurred around 7am. Suspect described as a 16yr old Asian male with a black hoodie and armed with what police officials say was a .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol that he used until he ran out of ammo. He pulled the weapon from his backpack and opened fire on students and staff. Information as to why the suspect has opened fire on the school injuring several individuals, is unknown at the moment.

Sources say it was the suspects birthday today and that he had a girlfriend, and many wondered what caused it and why? A childhood friend stated the suspect had lost his father a year ago and thinks that maybe that might have something to do with it. Officials believed the suspect had gone home on Sycamore Creek Dr. and believed they tracked him down to his residence and local authorities surrounded the house the suspect lived in with an officer positioned atop a hill behind the house.

All witnesses to the incident are still being searched for and detained for further questioning before releasing to the parents and or family members. The suspect is in custody and is being treated at a hospital, along with 6 people that are now listed as students and the suspect himself. They are listed in critical and grave condition and 2 victims, have died due to their injuries.

Jake Corliss/Witness – passerby, resident and former Saugus student told reporters at CBSN Los Angeles, he drove down the street and saw the garage door closing to the house and caution tape taken down by police. He was also informed by a friend from the hospital that a patient arrived with an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound to the head who seemed to be of a young age.

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