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Space Force New Recruits And New Officers


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In the late 1970s times were very different for many of us. George Lucas, the Director, had put together a movie that was beyond its time in many ways and its effects were, out of this world to say the least. Imagine a moment, where the ideas and concept for Director of Star Wars came to reality, where sci-fi appears more realistic and non-fiction for humankind. That moment came closer than we could ever imagine with a new branch of the Air Force.

Space Command gets re-established

1982 the Air Force Space Command was developed and remained active for a few years until August 2019, and it was during this moment that it was re-established forming what you see now by then President Donald Trump. “To ensure freedom of movement and deter aggression in, from and to space,” words delivered by SEC AF Barabara Berrett in a press conference. Aside from the encouraging words from Berrett, many Americans would probably disagree with this kind of endeavor, maybe seeing it as foolish and a waste of resources. Space Force was created as a way to help with other measures for the protection of our country and this world from outside factors.

Recruits and Training

In Maui six new officers were sworn in as “Guardians,” to this new military outfit, a supposed branch off the Air Force, it was also noted that a few recruits were already stationed in Oahu. And as far as recruits, 7 individuals were sworn in at a processing center in Fort Meade, Md. Later, this group will be transferred to basic training with the Air Force for close to 2 mths and will be located here in San Antonio, Tx. at Lackland Air Force Base.

According to Gen. David Thompson, Space Force has a little over 1900 enlisted members, mostly from the Air Force itself. The United States Space Force is trying to separate itself from the Air Force as its branch, with its own recruiting stations and bases. But for now, the focus will be on recruitment, training, and expansion.

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