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Stop Calling Me


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Recently I ended a relationship with someone because well, they were seeing someone else who they claimed was just a “guy friend,” and “I have known him long before you, so get over it.” Uhm…no, I won’t, is it me or am I just blowing things out of proportion? Personally, this is messed up, I mean what kind of guy would want their girlfriend spending time with or more time with a so-called guy friend than you? There are so many questions to ask here and a kind of wtf!

Ok so aside from all of this, this so-called guy friend worked with her, to add even more nonsense to this right. I couldn’t deal with this anymore and after a long discussion, the tables were turned on me and I was the bad guy for even bringing it up. Then it happened, the words no guy or gal wants to hear from their partner…”I cheated on you.”

Oh, oh no, it’s sharp and dull at times with a bit of a knotted feeling, and also like you want to throw up, I feel lightheaded. Everything came at me and I didn’t know what to do. So I sat down and felt this sadness and anger all at once. What the hell did I do to deserve this? It finally came out from her end as to the why and mainly because I was always working and I didn’t support her enough or I was in school too much. Sorry for trying to better me and it’s not my fault you need so much attention, I honestly tried my best, but I guess it wasn’t enough.

So eventually I moved on, of course, tended to my studies, work schedules, and occasionally went out with the guys from work and other friends. Not going to lie, I did miss her, we had fun together, we laughed at stupid things that just made no sense whatsoever. There was a good conversation so it confused me about everything. Time went on and so did I.

A year had gone by and I didn’t date anyone and nothing romantic or “temporary” either. Then one day while I was at the mall shopping, I ran into an old high school sweetheart. It was like we were never apart, everything just blended so well. Later found out that she wasn’t seeing anyone, so we both agreed to take it slow again with each other. The only reason we broke up was that I moved and I just felt it was better this way, so I wouldn’t hold her back.

Christmas time again for the second year together with my high school sweetheart, I couldn’t ask for anything better and my ex, yeah let’s just say she was no longer a fragment in my mind. So as we were shopping together, my ex, yeah she saw me, well us, walking together and I’m only saying this because she told me. I received a phone call one night and my current GF’s soon-to-be fiancé answered, the only thing I heard was, please don’t call here anymore, and then she hung up. I asked who it was and my GF said, “it was your ex,” she wanted to talk with you and it was very important. It was hard trying to explain this situation going on that I had nothing to do with, but I assured my GF she had nothing to worry about.

Some more time had gone by and we kept getting random phone calls and voice mails with messages like, “please call me, I miss you, I want to see you.” It became a problem, so we changed our numbers and listed them as private, our social media accounts were taken down and we joined forces as a unit with one account, people didn’t need to know our business, to be honest. She managed to find our numbers.

I proposed to her gf and she accepted while in tears and with such happiness. We were excited, then as everyone was clapping and cheering in the restaurant we were at…my ex appeared out of nowhere as if she received a memo to be there. She had this look on her face and clapped her hands together so smug-like while walking towards us. “Well well well, she accepted, good for you…you know he proposed to me once and I rejected him,” of course you know I did no such thing. But the wicked witch of the whatever was hell-bent on proving I still cared for her. I stood in front of my fiancé and said in front of everyone that she needed to leave us alone and that it has been almost 3yrs now and to stop calling me. So to quickly control the situation I yelled out, “drinks on me everyone, follow me.” My fiancé and I took off in the other direction and the other people followed, pushing my ex out of the way, classic move. you should’ve seen her expression. Until next time everyone, this “intern,” with articles “From the Heart,” have a great night.

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