Friday, September 29, 2023

Texas To Lift It’s Restrictions On Masks


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Last Updated on May 30, 2023 by Adeymius

Gov. Greg Abbott made a statement regarding the restrictions and limitations on businesses, making its way to allow for reopening of Texas at 100% with restrictions to be lifted. Despite the number of diners an establishment can have inside without a mask, some sources state that Covid cases are still on the rise with death tolls still mounting. With many businesses still hurting and some closing, many might ask, is it worth it? Some would probably argue the notion that it’s safe and that there is nothing to worry about, but not everyone has the same outlook.

San Antonio Texas Chamber of Commerce applauds the Governors decision for businesses to reopen at 100% due to concerns that these establishments are the only source of income for the families and employees, and if they close, what happens next?

When it comes to businesses, HEB, a supermarket giant, will still require employees and vendors to wear a mask while at work and will encourage customers to wear a mask while shopping inside the store. And many School Districts have also set guidelines in place for mask mandates. Teachers have stated many concerns and are curious if all students have to continue wearing masks and how should they handle this process.

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