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The Mandalorian It’s Not A Dessert


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From the moment the intro starts to roll, to the silent beginning of a lone wolf walking, or even just peering into the depth of the mask from the Mandalorian aka “Bounty Hunter.” This will definitely bring you to the edge of your seat in suspense and if not, well there is always Mary Poppins for you. Just Kidding, but seriously, the beginning of all this was a throw back in the seat, I mean, where in the world did all this come from? The Bounty Hunter? A story line? Heck yes, sign me up. Who would’ve thought..well Jon Favreau of course, the man behind the metal yet ever so flamboyant super hero we all know as Iron man.

Look I’m not saying it’s for everyone, or that this article and or opinions expressed herein is solely for the purpose of..yada yada yada. We love it, and so far it’s different from the ever psycho killer bounty hunter Boba Fett. Clearly we can tell this guy (and I’m referring to the old Boba Fett) has issues…I mean the kid was holding his father’s head after a Jedi Knight named Mace Windu cleanly sliced it from his body with a lightsaber in Attack of the Clones.

So what is it about the story of the Bounty Hunter, The Mandalorian? The story itself brings us to a depth of insight into the history and triumphs and falls of the Mandalorian race who were an ethnolinguistic human species that had a unique set of skills, precious metal and more. So now we come to this point, what is it about the Mandalorian that makes this so special, I mean he’s just a Bounty Hunter right? Wrong again my young padawan, he’s not just a title. After the fall of the Empire things changed dramatically for everyone and everything. The series of The Mandalorian shows a unique character showing strength and honor for his beliefs and his overall objectives. While portraying a different view on the perspective of a Bounty Hunter, it shows us that there is much more than what we are so used to seeing with Boba Fett and Jango Fett.

In a part of one of the episodes, a bounty is being sought after by the Mandalorian which looks like…Yoda. The bounty actually looks very similar to Yoda, and get this, it’s already about 50 years old and has some crazy abilities like the ability to levitate. We see this Mandalorian with a completely different side to him, such as caring and patience and working together with others. Not to mention he seems to have a soft spot for the little Yoda, a total flip from what we’re used to seeing with Boba and Jango.

It all seems very strange indeed with elements of interest such as the Beskar Metal, the tribes of the Mandalorian, elite metal workers, religious ways and followings as well as traditions such as one as so simple as, no removing of the helmet. The list goes on with so much you really have to sit down and watch this and pay attention. It’s good and like really good. So go to Disney + select the Mandalorian and begin watching from the beginning. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy, we did and we look forward to more.

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