Friday, September 29, 2023

UTSA Commencement Ceremonies At The Alamodome


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“More than 4,700 UTSA Graduates received their degrees in two separate ceremonies at The Alamodome. The Commencement was a celebration of hard work, resiliency, and dedication. Every graduate has shown tremendous dedication during their time at UTSA, and now look forward to their bold futures by earning their degree with UTSA.” – UTSA.

Nearly every person that has come to UTSA for a degree plan has found themselves among great people in a great school behind their learning experience. But the time has now come for the roadrunners to take that leap of faith into a world that awaits them. While graduating is still a small step away, the commencement is to recognize the achievement of the degree earned, in celebration of one’s hard work and efforts.

For most, a university-level education is undeniably a given rule to start and finish, and for others, maybe a thought. But whatever decision, learning, and development are key components whether it’s through college or other alternative methods, it allows us to progress in life, business, and relationship for something we believe is much better for ourselves, and family. To provide safety, security, and a future for our children. Congratulations Roadrunners!!

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