Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday, May 19, 2024

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Accident At Roger’s Rd And Culebra

On Friday afternoon after 2pm, an accident occurred at the intersection of Culebra and Rogers Rd. The driver, a man in his twenties, had accidently veered his mustang directly into a pole by swerving away from a car that had apparently tried to cut him off. According to the driver’s statement, as he was driving and began to turn, a woman quickly cut him off, and in a moment of panic, the driver then crashed his vehicle. He later described the woman as “older and careless” and “without shame,” and that she just drove off.

After Police arrived we spoke Officer Flores, gave our accounts on what we encountered as the accident happened right in front of us. We continued on with our news media reporting and proceeded to interview Officer Flores.

The other driver in question had fled the scene but later returned to speak with officers about the incident. The young driver did state he was ok and didn’t lose consciousness, despite airbag deployment on the steering wheel and on the side interior.

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