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A Date With A Detective


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The Emily Morgan Hotel called out for a date with destiny, better yet, a date with a detective. The plan was simple, attend an event of epic proportions of curiosity, and mystery shrouded in crime.

Dinner Detective was the event’s name, and yes, it was a date with a detective but with more people, actors, and actresses. Walking into the hotel no one had no idea what to do or where to go. After learning the event wouldn’t start for another hour, it was time for some drinks and good conversation.

And what are your names?

It was 6 pm, and everyone was instructed where to go and to sign in with the option of choosing a unique ID for name badges. As everyone began to walk inside, they were also instructed to sit at certain tables. It seems table 5 was where people named “Daphne and Fred,” “Cam-O-Flage and Chillin Dylan,” and some others sat along side. The table had plates of salad, bottled water, and tea for everyone.

Throughout the night people shared stories about each other and soon learned that there were two other actors in disguise in secret at Table 5, but who were they? A waiter named “Bruce Almighty” was around quite a bit and seemed like a nice fellow, very genuine and maybe too nice. Many friendly people all around like “Gwen” from Louisiana, who made everyone laugh and many more with great smiles and all out fun.

Aside from the enjoyment, company of others, and the price of the tickets, it included a full course meal of either fish or chicken with veggies and rolls and dessert. Coffee was complimentary but self serve. After the meal there was a slight interruption for the sake of entertainment and no holds barred for the many levels of excitement.

Are you the killer?

The enactments of finding out who the killer was and who did what was very interesting and not only could a person watch, but if chosen, that person would be able to participate and would be interrogated. Surprisingly, when they chose people at random they would also show you a photo of yourself and questioned your motives.

Anyone looking for a great night this is a start, it does get loud with faux gunshots and lights turning off and on and screaming, it’s a wild time. You can view their website at

At the end of the night, a generous tip was left inside an envelope for the volunteer work they performed. Job well done and a night to remember with memories for the scrapbook. Remember, in this game of dinner detective…who can you trust?

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