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What Is MID And Is It Important


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“Let’s just go for a drive shall we?” An easy thing to say for some but for others it can be the worst nightmare they will ever know. Law Enforcement has a new assistant patrolling around with them and I mean that very loosely. It’s not like there’s a person who applied for an assistant position and got the job and is now riding shotgun…no. This, this is very different.

With today’s technology and literally everything at your fingertips to find out pretty much anything on the web, officials now have what is called MID. A database driven piece of technology that holds countless pieces of information on anyone with a vehicle registered to their personal name or a company’s name for that matter. It used to be that when someone got pulled over an officer would ask for their “license and registration.” Now, that’s not even the case. You could be at the light, just relaxing or stressing out because of traffic and an officer could use his portable laptop, to run your plates as it’s called and check through the MID if you’re insured or not.

Insurance agencies are now submitting to this database on policy holders that lapse on their coverage, it will also show if it’s current or not. There is no longer a, “well sir I have insurance but it’s at home,” or “I know I have it somewhere I swear,” and so on. That piece of paper is becoming a thing of the past as we have now entered the “Zander Zone,” (reference from triple x movie with Vin Diesel). The new age of tech and software that can do this or that is starting to appear out of the wood works. Below are links anyone can use at their own convenience to check, we used to see what it does, but the information is there to see for yourselves. Play it safe. Don’t drink and drive, don’t text and drive.

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MID address to check

MID for the UK

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