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Work Ethic And It’s Downhill Journey


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The ability to work comes as a blessing to many and is often overlooked for its purpose. Without the opportunity to make a decent earning, can lead to many problems. As the obvious pointed out, you do have to wonder, “What if I lost my job, what would I do?” Are you financially secure that you can pay the bills for 6 months and up to a year if you lost your job today? Whether you’re a laborer, work in customer service, or a doctor, it doesn’t matter, what it boils down to is; how’s your work ethic or bedside manners?

We asked a few people and according to our research, most have said that looks are more important than a great smile and how many followers do you have? Maybe to a certain degree, these attributes can make a difference, but when a job requires a person to be interactive on a personal level and face-to-face for longer than 5 minutes, the authenticity of a person will soon show its face. So what exactly does this have to do with work ethic? Character, it’s what’s on the menu, and this is where it starts.

A person’s character and how they perform can be applied in a wide array no matter the title or position. Having a great work ethic in a job shows great productivity and great rewards. But in fast food, sometimes it’s not always a great service. There seem to be a growing number of complains about wait times in drive-thrus, poor customer service and the list goes on. So what happens next is detrimental, it can lead to what is known as the “domino effect.” The sudden collapse of everything triggered by one event, one after another.


In the food industry, this “domino effect,” can start inside the establishment, whether in the kitchen or just staff in general who follow what the others are doing, because no one wants to take on the workload alone. No one speaks up and others just move slower than normal, and many others, talk or text too much on the phone with no worry about teamwork. So when does accountability take place and how should one approach work ethic and the principle of…”let’s go,” time is money. Can we assume that telling people to move faster or to hurry is considered wrong or unethical in a workplace?

With the food industry, the more product that goes out the more money the establishment makes right? But should quality be sacrificed for quantity? Should an establishment fill their environment with so many employees just to get the job done, only to have it done at the worker’s own pace risking losing money at the same time on so much labor? There is so much grey area and one does have to look at what’s involved to find a solution. So the next question, if an employee is slow to work simply because they choose to work in that manner, is it fair to the others and should they be allowed to continue to work?

Learning and Reinforcement

Someone once stated that “some parents aren’t teaching their children the value of good hard work anymore.” That children are getting what they want and not working for things, or better yet, don’t truly know the meaning of being humble because everything is handed to them so easily. Adults are products of their environments and children learn what they can from whoever without a thought, we are after all, human beings and we learn from each other.

So now this begs the questions or concern of, where’s the principle, honesty, the humbleness and appreciation of something earned not just given. How does this affect the work ethic in people, the mentality of working hard and doing what needs to be done, to get the job done right?

Work ethic is showing its ugly side in its sudden downfall in many different areas but why? As some would argue that it’s due to certain generations and the pandemic that has pushed people to their limits. Whatever the reasons are, there has been a huge sliding scale of poor work ethic becoming more and more evident in establishments. How do we reinforce this, and can it be done with constructive criticism combined with positivity without offending anyone? Can we turn back the hands of time just a little to teach about work ethic, team collaboration, and the need for urgency? Until next time, have a great day.

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